Online design


You have no idea how to arrange your kitchen?

Contact us, we'll be happy to help. We will advise you on how you can arrange your interior so that it is not only beautiful, but also functional.

All you have to do is give us two hours and we'll show you what your kitchen can look like. You will receive from us detailed plans with dimensions of cabinets and 3D visualizations.

Call us 604191419 or write a sms requesting to schedule an online meeting.

You will receive a pro-forma invoice to pay for the service and instructions on how to measure the room to the e-mail address provided by you.

We will also ask you to send photos of the room, your kitchen vision and an overview photo, based on which we will be able to adapt the design to your preferences.

During the online meeting, which lasts 2 hours, you and the designer will create your dream kitchen, you will be able to modify it on a regular basis, ask questions. After the meeting, we will send you kitchen plans, 3d photos and a cost estimate. Now you will have time to analyze the documents.

If you still need minor corrections, then as part of the service we will make corrections once, based on the information you send us by email. We will send back the project with corrections in a reply.

You will only have to order the kitchen, unless you prefer us to do it for you? Here you are. After accepting the project by email and making an advance payment, we will order it for you.

Price list:

  • Online project - 299 PLN gross
    when placing an order for furniture and accessories above 2500 gross, the cost of the project will be deducted from the quote
  • Visualization in lines - PLN 99 gross
    made on the basis of the client's detailed design + cost estimate. When placing an order over PLN 1500, the cost of the service will be deducted from the cost estimate

If you need more information call 604191419, or send an e-mail with a question to:

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