Shipments are carried out via a shipping company or by your own collection The choice of pallet delivery option is tantamount to a power of attorney for the 4STOL store on the order of the transport service on behalf of the customer. Shipping costs are borne by the buyer. The 4STOL employees decide about the size of the required pallet to send the order. The main factor determining the size of the required pallet is the size of the ordered products, enabling their secure delivery. You will be informed by email about the final cost of a pallet delivery.

Do 30kg

Do 200 kg

Do 400 kg

Do 600 kg

Do 1000 kg

Courier shipment

27,06 zł ------ ------- ------ -------

Palette 120*80


175,00 zł

195,00 zł

205,00 zł

265,00 zł


----- 265,00 zł

300,00 zł

320,00 zł


Palette 240*80


320,00 zł

360,00 zł

380,00 zł


Palette 300*80

----- 400,00 zł

430,00 zł

460,00 zł


* the amounts given are gross prices.

Custom palette.

The price calculated individually depending on the size and weight of the non-standard pallet applies, among other things, to kitchen countertops

Deliveries outside Poland are carried out and evaluated individually.